Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Levi World Cup

I had a great trip in Europe the last two weeks. Started out training indoors at Wittenburg, Germany. Weird to be skiing indoors, super short but really good snow. It's kind of like an ice rink, not good to be there for many days. I skied pretty well there, for a 20 second, top to bottom course. From there we headed to Patsch, Austria to rest a few days. We next skied at Tarnoby, Sweden, the home of Ingemar Stenmark. Night skiing at the mountain Ingemar Stenmark trained at was really cool. Many of the building and lifts were named after him. Training started rough there, but after 4 days, things got better. That being said, I felt pretty good going into Levi. Being at the world cup was a sweet experience. I got to see the best skiers in the world off the hill and watch them on the hill. It was somewhat intimidating to be there but I wasn't too nervous, even as I waited in the start house before my run. The course was moderate, not very fast on the flats and rhythmical turns on the pitch. I skied solid on top but unfortunately I had trouble on the pitch. The snow was super aggressive and grippy making it easy to get in the back seat and off balance, precisely what I did. It was disappointing because I had been skiing well on the pitches in training and struggling on the flats. C'est la vie. Hopefully, I will have more opportunities in the future. That's all for now, I will try to put some pictures up on the near future.

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