Monday, November 29, 2010


So we're doing some racing. I've been at Loveland and Aspen the past few days and tomorrow for NorAm Cup races. Pretty sweet as there are a bunch of top 7 guys in the world here and many more are are top 30 and World Cup regulars.

The first two days were slalom races at Loveland followed by two days in a little place called Aspen. I'm skiing pretty well, just not able to put that second run down right now. One more giant slalom race tomorrow then off to Beaver Creek to train before the world cup over there.

Got some sweet pow skis and hoping some snow falls so I can take them out.
GoPro + Powder skis + powder = a good ole time.

Tommy Ford and I are getting our brains going trying to find out something sweet to do. Have a full on movie idea zooming around in the noggin but not sure how to bring it to fruition. Also think this whole writing thing could be done better, we'll get back to you on that.

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