Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August's End

As August ends, so does my first ski camp of the summer. New Zealand is a great place for training in the summer. They have winter snow, a lot to do off the hill, and people that speak English.

Firstly, the snow at Coronet Peak (Queenstown, NZ) can be amazing just as long as the weather cooperates. Our coaches did a great job with watering the hill and when the weather was fair, we had productive training sessions. Unfortunately, the weather on the south island is rarely stable and we lost a few days. Regardless, I made a lot of progress on the hill and I know many of the other guys did too.

Off the hill is just as important as on the hill when we are at a training camp. It's key to be able to have something to get your mind off skiing for awhile and unwind. Being so close to Queenstown allowed us to access things we can't normally during the season because of how remote many areas are. Things like a legitimate disc golf course, skydiving, bungee jumping, movie theater, etc.
Over the past few summers disc golf has become more of a ski team activity and we had our second annual Disc International Championship at the Queenstown Gardens course. This is a pretty epic course that goes out onto a peninsula into Lake Wakatipu. This year, Adam Perrault won a 3 hole playoff to claim the trophy.
I also had a chance to go skydiving with Ted Ligety, Will Brandenburg and our nutritionist and general badass, Adam (aka Bama). I suggest everyone go skydiving once in their life. The rush and the views are worth the price, especially in New Zealand.
Car jumping... car jumping... car jumping... The past 3 years, the guys get together and either purchase or obtain a car that they take jumping. This year was my first experience with it but many of the other guys are seasoned veterans. I thought the impact would have been a lot rougher than it was but I came out unscathed and even a little smarter from tinkering with a broken down car. There is some video of the events posted on Jon Olsson's blog- http://www.jon-olsson.com/?cat=1

Well that's all for now. I'm going to start trying to make some video blogs in the future once my computer gets back from the repair man.