Monday, November 29, 2010


So we're doing some racing. I've been at Loveland and Aspen the past few days and tomorrow for NorAm Cup races. Pretty sweet as there are a bunch of top 7 guys in the world here and many more are are top 30 and World Cup regulars.

The first two days were slalom races at Loveland followed by two days in a little place called Aspen. I'm skiing pretty well, just not able to put that second run down right now. One more giant slalom race tomorrow then off to Beaver Creek to train before the world cup over there.

Got some sweet pow skis and hoping some snow falls so I can take them out.
GoPro + Powder skis + powder = a good ole time.

Tommy Ford and I are getting our brains going trying to find out something sweet to do. Have a full on movie idea zooming around in the noggin but not sure how to bring it to fruition. Also think this whole writing thing could be done better, we'll get back to you on that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Little R&R

Levi was an experience. I had to do a lot of things I hadn't done in a long time and possibly even learned a few things. We saw some fast skiing and some guys struggling early in the season.

Right off the bat, the airlines lost my backpack. Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal but on a trip like this, traveling so far for one race, it's tough to deal with. This bag had contained all my essentials including helmet, goggles, suit, jacket, pants, shorts and shin guards. To find these things at a race where everyone packed light because of the distance and length of trip is almost impossible. I trained in random equipment leading up to the race, even using jeans and sweatpants on different occasions. I ended up using Lindsey Vonn's rainbow sl suit, Mike Janyk's helmet and goggles, Hailey Duke's mittens and Julien Lizeroux's shin guards. Unfortunately, I only made it a few gates before getting into trouble and skiing out of the course. Long trip for an early exit when it counted. Well, there's always next year... but in the meantime, check out Will Brandenburg's runs! He started 35 and blazed to an 8th place finish on the first run but ran into some issues and straddled on the second run. It's fun to see guys charging and doing well, especially a guy like Will.

After the Levi world cup had ended, everyone headed back to their respective homes for a little rest and recovery. I have a week off at home before traveling to Vail for another training block. Next weekend we have the opening NorAm events, two sl and two gs races, at Loveland and Aspen respectively. The following weekend is Beaver Creek, where I will be racing the gs. I'm really excited about racing in front of the home crowd. These five races are my only races in the states this year besides U.S. National Champs at Winter Park in April.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Here is some video from the past few days in Vail, Colorado. The U.S. Men's tech team has been training in preparation for the second world cup of the year in Levi, Finland. Since there were open spots for the race, 7 guys fought head to head in a time trial for the last remaining one. The format took your best time out of 3 runs, fastest guy get the spot. Five guys already had confirmed spots for the race before the time trial happened. Headlining the group is Ted Ligety and Bode Miller with Will Brandenburg, Tim Jitoff and myself also planning on competing. This left the rest of the guys to try for that last spot. Even though the five of us were already in for the race, we participated in the time trial to make it more of a race simulation. I was able to set the pace early with the fastest first run time followed by Will and the others. Will made a race of it having a great second run and pulling to within .01 of my first run time. My second run didn't fare as well, failing to finish after a couple bobbles and an impeding broken gate. At this point, Tommy Ford was leading for the guys trying to get the last spot. With one run to go, some guys were feeling the pressure and other stepped up to the plate. I managed to almost replicate my first run, tying Will's second run, .01 off my best time while Will threw down the fastest time of the day, but was DQed after straddling a gate in one of the under gates. Colby Granstrom stepped up and finished his third run leading all the the guys vying for the Levi spot but a few guys still had to take their last run. Nick Daniels found some fire and was able to ski really well but missed beating Colby by only seven hundredths. That sealed it for Colby and he will be our sixths starter in Levi and also making his world cup debut. You know what that means... Look out for Colby rocking a brand new hairstyle to be cut this week. Below are some of the fastest times from the time trial and some video to go with it.

Nolan Kasper- 41.87 run 1
Will Brandenburg- 41.88 run 2
Colby Granstrom- 42.49 run 3
Nick Daniels- 42.56 run 3
Tommy Ford- 42.96 run 2
Dave Chodounsky- 43.16 run 3
Andy Phillips- 43.50 run 2
Will Gregorak- 43.54 run 1
Michael Ankeny 43.68 run 1

TT Video

Nolan run 1

Will B run 2

Nolan run 3

Nolan 11/4/10

Will B 11/4/10