Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Art of Waiting

So I haven't had much time on snow in New Zealand yet. Today was going to be my return but the weather had other plans. We woke up to a beautiful NZ morning hoping that we could get a solid day of training. It rained yesterday and we didn't know how the surface would be so we waited for the coaches to check the hill out before trekking up the mountain. We got the green light to get ready but less than five minutes later, the clouds blew in and we couldn't see the ski area. After another phone call to the coaches, we headed up the mountain to try and ski. The weather only got worse as we reached the hill and we ended up sitting in the lodge for a couple hours before calling it off. My return would have to wait one more day and hopefully the extra day will allow me to feel better on snow.

Until next time...

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